Brian Jones and Jane Morris

Pathisa Nyathi

»…the most enduring book ever on Zimbabwean history. This book will help people change their attitudes towards each other in Zimbabwe.«
Zimbabwe Book Publishers Association Literary Awards Judges
»The writer should be commended for his efforts to preserve the fading cultural practices of the smaller ethnic groups. The book is an important museum of knowledge.«
Tinashe Mushakavanhu
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Zimbabwe's Cultural Heritage

Zimbabwe's Cultural Heritage is a collection of pieces on the culture of the Ndebele, Shona, Tonga, Kalanga, Nambiya, Xhosa and Venda. The book gives the reader an insight into the world view of different peoples, through descriptions of their history and life events such as pregnancy, marriage and death.

Zimbabwe's Cultural Heritage won first prize in the Zimbabwe Book Publishers Association Awards in 2006 for Non-fiction: Humanities and Social Sciences.
Zimbabwe's Cultural Heritage
by Pathisa Nyathi
ISBN 0-7974-2897-6
137 pages