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Christopher Mlalazi

»Christopher Mlalazi may well be the most promising younger writer in Zimbabwe today. His fiction captures the edgy energy of townships where young people have learned to be light on their feet, their dancing born of economic necessity and mocking disrespect for traditional authority.«
Patricia Alden, Professor of African Literature, St. Lawrence University
»Christopher Mlalazi is the rising voice of the ghetto, with all its violence, sharp anger, bitter protestations and tangible promise of a better tomorrow.«
Raisedon Baya, Writer and Columnist
»This collection sparkles with wit, sizzles with style and dances with life. It is a welcome addition to Zimbabwe's growing canon and will be read and enjoyed for years to come.«
Petina Gappah, Writer and Critic
»Mlalazi's collection of short stories is an important addition to the new writing from Zimbabwe concentrating on the social disintegration of the country. The stories stand out by being set in Bulawayo, drawing on the distinctive identity of a provincial city, its Ndebele culture, and its marginal relation to the centre. The success of the stories lies in the experiences of ordinary people coping with violence, anger and angst, rather than any self-conscious sense of form.«
2009 Noma Awards Judges
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Dancing with Life: Tales from the Township

Dancing with Life is a collection of short stories by Christopher Mlalazi. He has had stories published in anthologies inside and outside Zimbabwe, but this is his first collection.

Dancing with Life: Tales from the Township won the 2009 National Arts Merit Award for Outstanding First Creative Published Book and received an Honourable Mention in the 2009 Noma Awards for African Publishing.
Dancing with Life: Tales from the Township
by Christopher Mlalazi
ISBN 978-0-7974-3590-2
82 pages