Brian Jones and Jane Morris

John Eppel

»Like Swift, Eppel's satire uses the obscene and the bawdy and the merely disgusting to subvert intellectual pretensions and deflate social pomposity by reminding us of our often sordid physicality. The Curse of the Ripe Tomato is an astonishing novel.«
Professor Anthony Chennells, University of Zimbabwe
»A book to be read, enjoyed, laughed over — and taken seriously.«
Malcolm Hacksley, National English Literary Museum News
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The Curse of the Ripe Tomato

A hilarious send-up of Enid Blyton adventure stories. It mocks fundamentalism, racism, and pseudo-intellectuality. The novel asks, in the most unlikely manner, for reconciliation among the blighted peoples of Zimbabwe.

The Curse of the Ripe Tomato
by John Eppel
ISBN 0-7974-2349-4
100 pages