»A distinctive and distinguished addition to a burgeoning literature of response to human rights abuses in Zimbabwe.«
Dan Wylie, Rhodes University, South Africa
»In a country that is ruled through fundamentalist narratives along racial, tribal, political and property ownership lines, Together is not only refreshing but highly symbolic. Chingono has a deceptively simple style that he uses to devastating effect… (while) Eppel's wit is more direct and acerbic.«
Thabisani Ndlovu, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa
»It's a beautiful book. . . . Many readers will love it for its humor, the kind of humor salvaged in a place where hope is uncertain. Then there is satire, and, even more surprisingly, blatant criticism of governmental authority— Togetherness is Zimbabwe's literary imperative.«
Emmanuel Sigauke
»This is southern African satirical writing at its best.«
Hazel Barnes
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The two Zimbabwean writers featured in this collection of stories and poems could not be more different. John Eppel is an English literature teacher in Bulawayo; Julius Chingono, from Norton, near Harare, was a rock-blaster in mines for many years. Eppel is a deliberate stylist, while Chingono is a deliberate anti-stylist. The western literary tradition is pervasive in Eppel's writing; Chingono is his own tradition.

In another sense, however, they could not be more similar. Both share an aversion for those in power who exploit it to the detriment of all but their cronies and themselves; both feel a deep compassion for the poor and the marginalized of Zimbabwe. And they are both very funny.

Together is available in South Africa through the University of KwaZulu-Natal Press and in North America through the University of New Orleans Press, elsewhere through amaBooks and the African Books Collective.

by Julius Chingono and John Eppel
ISBN 978-0-7974-4228-3
176 pages