»Like an enticing box of chocolates, there are many more stories in this collection to read and enjoy at leisure«
Diana Rodrigues
»This work is a collection of complex, human dramas focusing upon the realities of Zimbabwean and African life.«
Rosetta Codling
»This is a brilliantly woven mosaic of everyday stories«
Sonny Wadaw
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Where to Now?

The writing in this collection, at times dark, at times laced with comedy, is set against the backdrop of Zimbabwe's 'lost decade' of rampant inflation, violence, economic collapse and the flight of many of its citizens. Its people are left to ponder — where to now? All the voices are Zimbabwean. Even though some speak from the diaspora, their inspiration comes from their homeland and their stories tell of Zimbabwe.

In these pages you will meet the prostitute who gets the better of her brothers when they try to marry her off, the wife who is absolved of the charge of adultery, the hero who drowns in a bowser of cheap beer and the poetry slammer who does not get to perform his final poem. And many more.
Where to Now?
edited by Jane Morris
ISBN 978-0-7974-4648-9
160 pages