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Where to Now?

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»“My wife died ten years ago and sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday. It will take time. You never forget but it gets easier to remember.” He smiled at me and for a moment I thought I felt the sun. I wanted to smile back at him but instead I begin to cry.«
from Sudden Death in Where to Now?
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Blessing Musariri

Blessing is a published and award-winning children's author who writes many other things besides. Her publications to date are Rufaro's Day, Going Home; A Tree's Story and The Mystery of Rokodzi Mountain. She has short stories and poems published in various international anthologies and online magazines. Blessing mistakenly believed she would be a lawyer but her prolific and overactive imagination took over after sitting and passing the English Bar Finals in 1997, and lead her to a more varied, unpredictable but immensely fulfilling life in the world of arts and culture. She also holds a Masters in Diplomatic Studies (with distinction) from the University of Westminster. Blessing mostly lives in Harare, but is very often to be found up in the air, going some place else and is presently living in the States.
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Short Story: Sudden Death in Where to Now?